PCF History

Our history began in 1967, at Cal-Pacific Dyeing & Finishing Corp., a premier commission dyeing and finishing plant for wovens in the Southern California area.  The Cal-Pacific executives decided to form a new company to supply top of the line, finished goods to our customers.  In 1995, Pacific Coast Fabrics was established to meet this objective.


In the late 1990's Cal-Pacific and PCF were already developing and applying digital finishes for the digital print industry.  In 2004, Pacific Coast Fabrics was selected by E.I. DuPont to become their first marketing partner using their proprietary coating formula for their digital print machines.  Much has changed from those early days and Pacific Coast Fabrics has led the way in developing new and innovative textiles.


In 2005, we expanded our sourcing to include the global markets, in an effort to find the best textiles available.  Pacific Coast Fabrics, together with the most experienced employees, moved from Cal-Pacific Dyeing & Finishing to concentrate our focus on developing and growing PCF and our stock program.


Our search led us to Georg+Otto Friedrich, Europe's leading manufacturer and innovator of top quality, award winning digital print fabrics.  We are so pleased that G+O chose us to represent their outstanding textile line.  In the same year, we partnered with Antex Knitting Mills in Los Angeles, establishing Forecast Fabrics, expanding our offerings to include contemporary high-end knit fabrics.   


The following year, we partnered with India's premier producer of 2-ply apparel fabrics, who markets globally to the top contemporary apparel manufacturers.  For the apparel customers, who require shipping from China to their factories in Asia, we have established relationships with proven mills in China.


 We continue to work with domestic mills and are proud to supply a premium line of Made in America polyester performance and athleisure fabrics.


Today, we are happy to announce that we will be joining Top Value Fabrics, effective November 1, 2017. This acquisition will give our customers access to a wider variety of digital, contemporary, and industrial fabrics, as well as allow us to service our customers better than ever before. To learn more about our plans for the future as Top Value Fabrics, click here.

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