Style#:                   DAZZLE -                  60" Width (Not Coated)


                               DAZZLE-DC -            60" Width (Disperse Coating)



Color:                       Optic White

Weight:                    4.3 oz/square yard

Content:                  100% Recyclable Polyester (75 Denier)

Approx. Roll Size:    120 Yards (Not Coated)     60 Yards (Disperse Coated)


Finish (Coating):    Not Coated (For Transfer Dye Sublimation)

Finish (Coating):    Disperse Coating  (For Disperse Direct to Fabric)


Applications:          Banners, Sports Apparel (Polyesters)


Additional Info:     Polyester Dazzle is a two way stretch fabric with a brilliant shine that really pops and is impressive when lit. Polyester Dazzle is often used for action sports gear apparel.

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