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From time to time, our mill might discontinue production of a style, or PCF might decide to close out a style in order to make room for new styles.  Following are the current fabric specials:


Jet Flag 6050KFLBS - 60" Jet Flag 6040KFLBS  3.2 oz/sq yard  "Optic White"  PFP 100% Recyclable Polyester  FLBS Aqueous Finish with Flame Repel - No Post Washing Required. (Jet Flag(FR) is an open mesh weave with great print through capability and durability. Due to the open mesh weave, this fabric is ideal for see-through applications)

         2,187 yards available @ $2.55/yard  *** SPECIAL ***



Polyester Knit Taffeta 8029FLBS - 120" (Flame Repel with Coating for Disperse Inks) -  120" Polyester Knit Taffeta  8029FLBS  2 oz/sq yard  "Optic White" PFP  100% Polyester  (Flame Repel With Dipserse Pretreatment)  (This light weight, open weave style has been replaced by our Woven Taffeta 9988KFLBG.  This is first quality fabric)

       1,300yards available @  $ 3.75/yard  (Half Price)


Aurora Black S/659 - 57/58" (Advanced Moisture Management & Wicking Technology) -  57/58" Aurora  2.2 oz  S/659  "Black"  100% Polyester  (Moisture Management Finish)  (This high end woven fabric is ideal for active sports bottoms, as well as light weight jackets. It is heavy enough to not require a sewn in lining, yet light enough for maximum wicking and range of motion.  This is first quality fabric, which was an overrun for a special order)


       1,900 yards available @  $1.00/yard  *** SPECIAL ***



Polyester Dazzle   -  60" Dazzle  4.3 oz  "Optic White"  100% Polyester    (Dazzle is a two way stretch fabric with brilliant shine that really "pops" and is impressive when lit.  Dazzle is often used for action sports gear apparel)  Available in Non-Coated for transfer dye sublimation, and coated for disperse direct to fabric.  This is first quality fabric.               Click here to learn more about Dazzle!


       Dazzle (Not Coated)          730 yards available @  $1.65/yard  *** SPECIAL ***


       Dazzle (DisperseCoated)   470 yards available @  $2.05/yard  *** SPECIAL ***


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