Flame Repel

Our Flame Repel finishes are certified to the highest levels of performance required to pass the stringent California FR standards.  The California State Fire Marshall has certified all these styles for the CA Title 19 Small Scale testing.  In addition, our fabrics are certified for ASTM E-84.


CA Title 19, Section 1237.1 Original Condition:  This tests Char Length (inches) and After Flame (seconds)


ASTM E-84:  "Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials"  This tests the Flame Spread and Smoke Developed.


Whether you need a fabric for a trade show, stadium, casino, or school environment, we can provide a solution.

Flame-retardant fabrics are either manufactured using flame-retardant yarns (such as TREVIR CS®) or are treated for flame retardancy during finishing. Assessments and certificates are provided for the state of the fabrics at the time of dispatch. Due to the variety of possible treatments to follow (laminating, washing, steaming, calendering, etc.) and the many different printing techniques and inks available (screen printing, dye-sublimation, direct disperse, UV curable inks, solvent inks, etc.) we are not in a position to indicate the degree of flame-retardancy of the finished products. In general, it can be said that fabrics made of flame-retardant yarns have permanent flame-retardant properties (which cannot be washed out) while fabrics which have been subsequently treated for flame retardancy should not be washed so as to retain the flame-retardant properties. In case of doubt, we recommend testing the fabrics after processing. 


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