Gaming Suede (with DWR)

Style#:                   GAMINGSDEOW-DWR-  65" Width


Color:                       Optic White

Weight:                    7.4 oz/square yard

Content:                  100% Polyester

Approx. Roll Size:    85 Yards


Finish (Coating):    DWR-Durable Water Repel Finish

                               (For Transfer Dye Sublimation Only)


Applications:          Gaming, Water Repel


Additional Info:     Gaming Suede(with DWR) is a gaming speed cloth for Blackjack, Craps and Poker Tables. The water repel finish helps protect the table from those accidental spills.  This fabric is designed for Transfer Dye Sublimation printing only, due to the DWR Finish on this textile.

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