Polyester Spandex Jersey S/3507 (4 Way Stretch)

Style#:                   POLYSPAN3507- 60" Width


Color:                       Optic White

Weight:                    10 - 10.5 oz/linear yard (6.2 oz/square yard)

Content:                   92% Polyester/8% Spandex (4 Way Stretch)

Approx. Roll Size:    70 Yards


Finish (Coating):    Not Coated


Applications:          Architectural Elements, Sports Apparel (Polyesters),

                                 Fashion Apparel (Polyesters)


Additional Info:     Poly Spandex Jersey S/3507 is a versatile 4-way stretch fabric, well suited for a wide variety of sports apparel and workout wear.  In addition, this fabric can be used for architectural elements, stretching easily over rigid frames.  Made in the USA using responsibly sourced, imported yarn.

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