Environmental Statement

At Top Value Fabrics, it is our goal and responsibility to bring you textiles manufactured to the highest environmental standards. 


All of our premium fabrics are produced in Europe, insuring that production meets the exacting (water and air) criteria set for by the European Union.


The production process of our partner mill, Georg+Otto Friedrich, is optimized to the lowest pollution level and highest energy effeciency. This is documented by the strict standards that their production is certified to. Their finishing process was one of the first in the EU that passed the regulations of ISO 14001.


An internal department responsibile for environmental impact of products and processes has been established since 1992. This department makes sure that harmful substances are eliminated from all phases of the production process. 


Our premium fabrics for digital printing are produced using recyclable polyester yarn. The fabrics are free of harmful substances, and most are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which establishes that the goods meet human-ecological requirement standards.


Additionally, and of equal importance, the social and safety standards of our partner mills' workforce and their suppliers represent the same values that Top Value Fabrics holds for our own staff.

It is our responsibility to supply you with textiles that are free from harmful substances and meet the highest environmental standards.

- Top Value Fabrics

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