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Pacific Coast Fabrics is a leading supplier of premium digital print fabrics.  We have been instrumental in the application of digital pretreatments and coatings since the inception of disperse direct dye coated fabrics.  Our fabrics, which include the Georg+Otto Friedrich line, are the print preference for banners (soft signage), flags, sports apparel, home furnishings, architectural elements, in-store displays (POP), lightbox displays, promotional products, trade shows, as well as gaming tables.


We continually strive to increase our range of fabric styles and improve pretreatment finishes, so that our textiles perform flawlessly with every major large and grand format print machine on the market.


Pacific Coast Fabrics stocks a wide range of fabric styles and widths for Digital Printing. You can search for fabrics based upon the type of printing method being used by clicking the category buttons below.


To search for a fabric specific to an application, we would suggest clicking the DIGITAL FABRICS tab above, and then choose your application (flags, banners, trade show, etc..)

Georg+Otto Friedrich



Our European partner mill, Georg+Otto Friedrich, is highly regarded throughout Europe as the leading manufacturer and innovator of top quality digital print fabrics.  Pacific Coast Fabrics is proud to be the North American distributor for Georg+Otto Friedrich.  To learn more, please click the links below.

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