Deko-Lotos 7058FLBN (WR)

Style#:                   7058FLBN-60" Width

                               7058FLBN-72" Width

                               ** Also available in 126" width by special order **

Color:                       Optic White

Weight:                    6.4 oz/square yard

Content:                  100% Recyclable Polyester

Approx. Roll Size:    100 Yards


Finish (Coating):    FLBN Aqueous Finish with Water Repel(WR) - Water Repellency is activated by heat setting, after printing.


Applications:          Banners, Tents, Table Cloths, Water Repel


Additional Info:     Deko-Lotos(WR) is one of our most versatile textiles. This fabric provides excellent print defintion with a soft hand. Deko-Lotos(WR) is extremely durable in inclement weather.  The Water Repellency becomes activated once the fabric is calendared and heat set. WOW!

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