Jennifer S/914 - 4 Way Stretch

Style#:                   JENNIFER-914 - 58/60" Width


Color:                       Optic White

Weight:                    13.75 - 14.25 oz/linear yard (Approx 8.4 oz/square yard)

Content:                   88% Polyester/12% Invista Lycra (4 Way Stretch)

Approx. Roll Size:    50 Yards


Finish (Coating):    Advanced Moisture Management and Wicking Technology


Applications:          Sports Apparel (Polyesters), Fashion Apparel (Polyesters)

                                 Made in America


Additional Info:    Jennifer S/914 is a versatile crossover textile, designed for rigorous athletic workouts, which can also be worn outside of the gym for any casual social occasion.  This is our finest compression cloth possessing both, optimal stretch and recovery. Jennifer S/914 is a 4 Way Stretch Polyester using Invista Lycra™ with Advanced Moisture Management. It is a perfect fabric for: Yoga Pants, Leggings, Performance Shorts, and Compression Tops.  Jennifer S/914 is 100% "Made in the USA" including Yarn, Knitting, Bleaching and Finishing.

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